EU Projects Bioremediation Cluster

News // 26 May 2023

SYMBIOREM together with other EU-funded projects focused on bioremediation have come together to form the “EU Projects Bioremediation Cluster“.

This Cluster aims to share knowledge about cutting-edge bioremediation techniques for cleaning up the environment in Europe.

Bioremediation is a process that uses microorganisms to degrade, detoxify, and eliminate pollutants from the environment. Bioremediation strategies are crucial for cleaning up contaminated sites and restoring the environment.

The seven projects that are part of the EU Projects Bioremediation Cluster are:

  • SYMBIOREM: Symbiotic, circular bioremediation systems and biotechnology solutions for improved environmental, economic and social sustainability in pollution control.
  • BIOSYSMO: Bioremediation systems exploiting synergies for improved removal of mixed pollutants.
  • EiCLaR: Enhanced in situ bioremediation for contaminated land remediation.
  • ELECTRA: Electricity driven low energy and chemical input technology for accelerated bioremediation.
  • GREENER: Integrated systems for effective environmental remediation.
  • MIBIREM: Toolbox for microbiome based remediation.
  • NYMPHE: New system-driven bioremediation of polluted habitats and environment.

Find out more here and do not miss our first workshop taking place in the framework of the Bioremid2023 Conference!

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