Biobio 2024 – 7th International Symposium on Biosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation

16 - 20 Jun 2024

Prague, Czech Republic

BioBio has served since 1995 as a platform for researchers interested in various aspects of biosorption/degradation to exchange knowledge, establish new contacts across disciplines, and foster international collaborations.

Every couple of years, this meeting highlights the newest scientific advancements and cutting-edge methodological approaches in bioremediation, biodegradation, and biodeterioration research. Its next edition will be held between 16 and 20 June 2024 in Prague.

This year the conference will host a session dedicated to the EU Bioremediation Cluster research. The EU Bioremediation cluster gathers the 4 ongoing projects funded by the European Commission. These projects are: SYMBIOREM, MIBIREM, BIOSYSMO, and Nymphe.

The event will showcase the tremendous potential of bioremediation in creating healthier soils, cleaning up groundwater, and improving air quality. This environmentally friendly approach relies on natural processes and microorganisms to remove contaminants without causing harm to delicate ecosystems.


  • present its objectives to tackle environmental pollution by leveraging the bioremediation capabilities of microorganisms, microbiomes, proteins, plants, and animals;
  • showcase how bioaugmentation and biostimulation are integral to the strategies employed by SYMBIOREM and enhance the effectiveness of bioremediation;
  • outline the advantages of bioremediation over convention physical and chemical methods of remediation;
  • demonstrate the success of bioremediation to treat various types of contaminants;
  • describe its strategies to enhance bioremediation efficiency, use secondary inputs and valorise residues and contaminants.

To know more about the event, submit your abstract, and register, you can visit the website.

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